The Australian Farmer

A separate but vitally important publication tied to the Boundless Plains to Share campaign

Originally one of our several motivations with the Boundless Plains to Share publication was to provide an overdue and much deserved Tribute to Farmers. In our opinion they are an overlooked and underappreciated group as a whole.

As Boundless Plains to Share has evolved over nearly a year of research and discussion, we decided – upon consultation with numerous peak agricultural bodies – to create a separate publication exclusively for farmers – The Australian Farmer.

This is a single edition of 280 pages – a purpose-built service unit as well as a tribute to the farmer.

The Australian Farmer comprises over a dozen major chapters on issues of universal importance to farmers. Some have been nominated and widely discussed by the NFF; others have come to us from farmers themselves, and through our own research.

The mainstream agricultural press does a good job in supplying many types of generally shorter articles, but our approach on The Australian Farmer is different.

We have provided:

•     Multi-article, thorough treatment of each subject, utilising appropriate experts in each field.

•     Provide inspirational success stories by the farmers themselves.

•     A large useful contacts section covering all of the topics and more – it can be kept as an all-around reference.

The Australian Farmer has been made available for free to farmers across the country thanks to the support of many of Australia’s peak farming bodies and organisations. We hope our nation’s farmers find value, useful knowledge and a worthy tribute in this publication.


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