The title comes from a line in the second verse of Australia’s national anthem, Advance Australia Fair. It reflects the vastness of our agricultural landscape, and of its ability to service markets far beyond Australia.

It indicates opportunity and potential. The book is primarily devoted to how these can be fulfilled. We will look at the strategies, the technologies, and the people who can make this happen.

Boundless Plains to Share is about Australian Agriculture and Agribusiness. That includes the many associated industries and essential partners – science, finance, external investment, government, education, infrastructure, logistics, ICT and others.

Australia is strong in all these areas. But they need to be better coordinated. In researching Boundless Plains to Share we have spoken to thought leaders in industry and government, to farmers and other practitioners, to food processors and food scientists, to academics and consultants – anybody with a passion for and understanding of the challenges and potential of Australia’s Agriculture and Agribusiness sector.

We reached two simple conclusions.

First, it is more useful to deal with Agriculture and Agribusiness in sum as a total economy, not just a group of related industries. This yields a more accurate view of its true complexity—and also of its multiple and massive interconnected opportunities. It is a more appropriate model for Agricultural and Agribusiness development and policy – public, private and NGO – for the future.

Second, a resounding and large-scale knowledge based promotion on the entire landscape of this economy, properly executed, is not only timely but overdue. In spite of much excellent recent work, we have been selling ourselves short. We need a united front. That is Boundless Plains to Share.

Australia has the history and the proven skill sets to achieve much more. A well thought out campaign of long duration represents one very significant action to jump straight over the competition, enrich and enlarge our positioning and the perceptions and understanding of Australia internationally. This will assist the core Agriculture and Agribusiness industries, and benefit all members of this whole economy.

This is not academic theory. It is an action plan to put in motion NOW.



Agriculture and Agribusiness have many closely related industries. But these are separated, and very often each of them have differing agendas.

Excellent specific marketing initiatives are common, and will continue. A search for an overall unifying brand statement has been debated for years. The quest continues, following New Zealand’s success with its ‘100% Pure’ campaign over the last 15 years.

A single, powerful brand or memorable slogan would be very advantageous. But there is much more that must be done. In this case we believe we have a structure and program to accomplish this relatively simply. We have long experience in doing so.

It does not compete with other initiatives, but provides a larger more inclusive umbrella of knowledge. It does not seek to produce a single brand or slogan –though it would be ideal as a delivery vehicle for one. If a large collection of useful knowledge, attractive and fascinating to influential readers is a branding exercise, then it is one. And more.

We have developed an approach which is broader, richer -- more powerful and more inclusive – than that taken by New Zealand. It has the potential to be equally long-lived. It maximises the use of modern communication tools unavailable even five years ago.

Any brand or memorable slogan needs the support of knowledge, communication and positive interaction to support it. Any brand needs continual maintenance and reinforcement. Thus we refer to our effort in one sense as a Knowledge Campaign. Knowledge is Power. And ideally for Australia, the Asian market is rapidly developing a large appetite, a keen demand for it.



To correctly promote Australia’s Agricultural and Agribusiness products, we need to display our full skill sets. Australian attributes such as biosecurity and science, reliable delivery, a strong banking system, are fundamental to buyer confidence. Others like ICT expertise and a strong tertiary university system reinforce our overall provenance. And more – these sectors all stand to benefit individually.

But it goes deeper than this. Former Singapore PM Lee Kwan Yew described his country once as a ‘free market Confucian society’. This in-the-bones cultural attitude is pervasive across all of South East and North Asia. If Confucianism can be reduced to a single statement it would be ‘proper, polite co-operation’.

Co-operation thus becomes a key theme expressed in many ways through the book, the campaign and within the community which arises from them.

The book, campaign, and community will carry this message in many contexts. We want not only business, but two way trade. We are open to collaborations, JVs, co-operation. We have a great deal to offer, we are very good at what we do, but we deeply value interchange and working together. We are trustworthy. We are the Fair Go country!



Our view is that Australia is underselling its greatest strengths, in spite of many excellent but disparate marketing efforts.

Many food product marketers use the word provenance – Australia as a point of origin already carries strong values. Australia has very high skill levels in agricultural science, education, agricultural finance, (with a world respected banking system) advanced logistics, reliability, outstanding infrastructure development, ICT—and other essential disciplines and attributes.

Agriculture and Agribusiness is not a simple industry. The success of any single transaction depends on something else along the value chain – or something in the mind of the purchaser –connected to one or many of the related industries.

All of these industries comprise a part of our economic model and belong in any effort to promote Agriculture and Agribusiness. This may be a new model, but we believe it the most accurate for industry wide analysis, policy formation (in some if not all cases) and most importantly now, in the stimulation of new business and the projection of Australia internationally.

Australia needs to restate and upgrade its total agricultural provenance position. We need to display all of the skills and excellence areas related to Agriculture and Agribusiness. This has never been done before in the depth that we propose.

This must be performed in a coherent and fascinating manner, with the highest quality portrayal. It must then be delivered widely and effectively to large and influential audiences. We believe we have the appropriate methodology for doing so.



Australia is one of the world’s great agricultural nations. We feed not only ourselves, but much of the rest of the world. Agriculture is one of Australia’s largest industries, and makes a substantial contribution to exports.

Agriculture and Agribusiness will become even more important to Australia in the Asian century. We are located next to the fastest growing region on earth. The burgeoning population in Asia, with fast-changing dietary and consumption habits, presents Australia with an unrivalled opportunity.

But this opportunity remains unfulfilled. Much more needs to be done to ensure that Agriculture and Agribusiness and their closely associated industries – science, biosecurity, education, finance, infrastructure, ICT, logistics, irrigation and water management and others – reach their potential as Australia’s most important and pervasive engine of growth in the 21st century.

This is Australia’s greatest economic opportunity. We must seize it now.



Our Company, One Mandate Group, undertakes major international campaigns according to a unique business model, which has evolved over the past two decades.

Only one major campaign is undertaken during any given publication period of a year to eighteen months, as campaign creation is a multi-faceted and demanding activity. In the case of Boundless Plains to Share, initial research into the project commenced in early 2014.

Campaign is a vital word in this context. One Mandate Group is, in the first instance, a devoted publisher of specialist topics with a strong orientation to science. The company and its predecessors have published many books and the well-known quarterly magazine on innovation - FAST THINKING. But reliance on the traditional methods of distribution are far too limiting.

Our team leaders have extensive experience in television as well as digital and social media. Accepted advertising agency criteria such as reach, demographic relevance, psychographic relevance and frequency are utilized in all our campaigns - it's simply about leveraging know-how and technology to extend knowledge and promote ideas on a large scale.

By using the book’s content in a variety of ways through a large number of channels and over an extended period of time, a very large and relevant audience can be reached. These methods have proven highly cost efficient and achieved a high level of impact.

Our campaigns are based on the creation of a major authoritative book, involving 50 or more authors and a large number of researchers. Informal but fruitful alliances are formed with key groups within the industry, allowing for the creation of more relevant and valuable content. This has been particularly true of Boundless Plains to Share and the steps taken so far in this campaign.

A more complete understanding of our campaign methods can be obtained by contacting us at solutions@onemandate.com

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