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“Boundless Plains to Share. Fulfilling Australia’s Agricultural Potential“ – A Tribute to the Australian Farming Community” is a major worldwide campaign based on a quality book, and delivery of knowledge about Australia’s strengths in the agribusiness and farming sectors through numerous channels—digital delivery, web, e-book,  print, social media, continuing public relations, and others .

It is produced in total by One Mandate Group Pty Ltd, with its 30 year history of serving Australia, in itself and through its co-owned and associated companies.

It is the largest campaign ever conducted on Australia’s agricultural potential.

This is based on:

Audience size – conservatively 1.5 million.

Depth of knowledge, based on an authoritative and comprehensive book of approximately 300 pages  (200,000 words), by over 50 well-known authors and commentators.

Duration of active campaign, owing to our unique business/distribution model - 4-5 years or more. Our books are edited for long life and repeat reference.

Our campaigns, especially through website, digital distribution and social media,   take on a life of their own, as they become community forming and community driven. We are collectively building a strong, enduring Australian brand.


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Boundless Plains to Share

Fulfilling Australia's Agricultural Potential

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