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Boundless Plains to Share: Australia’s Agribusiness Partnership with Asia – Century 21



Boundless Plains to
Australia’s Agribusiness Partnership with Asia – Century 21

Welcome to Boundless Plains to Share. Welcome to the largest ever campaign on Australia’s agricultural potential and its relationship to Asia – in the Asian century.

This website is a growing resource. A meeting place. An act of teamwork between One Mandate Group and Australia’s wider agricultural and agribusiness community – our farmers, producers, food scientists, executives, government officials and staff, and leaders in all facets of our country’s agricultural enterprises.

The 360-page Boundless Plains to Share book was launched in both print and digital editions in 2017 – it is a high quality compendium containing first-rate essays, articles and opinion pieces from the leading minds in Australian and international agribusiness, science, innovation, education and health.

With a foreword by The Honourable Barnaby Joyce, Australian Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, our distinguished list of authors includes: Major General Michael Jeffery, Australia’s first Advocate for Soil Health and the patron of the Boundless Plains to Share project; Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist; Kishore Mahbubani, renowned author and former President of the United Nations Security Council; John Brumby, former Premier of Victoria; leading scientists Professor Lindsay Falvey and Professor Göran Roos; historian Geoffrey Blainey; and award-winning author Don Watson, as well as a host of other leading names across the wider agribusiness, food and science industries.

To obtain a deluxe printed copy of Boundless Plains to Share, please contact our office on 02 9884 9664 or You can read a free digital copy of the book – with updated and expanded material – simply by clicking here






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Boundless Plains to Share

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Boundless Plains to Share


I’m the sugar cane, the sack of wheat, I’ve made this country rich

From the Golden Fleece that rides upon my back

I’m on the stock route back of Bourke, on the station way out west

I’m on the six lane highway and the desert track.


You can find me where the mountains tumble down against the sea

Where the wide brown land turns rich from flooding rain

Where the rivers of the inland flow proud beneath the sky

Where the west wind ripples through the golden grain.


I’m everything we grow and nurture, all we raise up from the ground

From the land we watch and cultivate with care
The riches of our farmland we send out to all the world

We have the Vision Splendid, and the Boundless Plains to Share.