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Boundless Plains to Share: Australia’s Agribusiness Partnership with Asia – Century 21



Boundless Plains to
Australia’s Agribusiness Partnership with Asia – Century 21

Welcome to Boundless Plains to Share. Welcome to the largest ever campaign on Australia’s agricultural potential and its relationship to Asia – in the Asian century.

This website is a growing resource. A meeting place. An act of teamwork between One Mandate Group and Australia’s wider agricultural and agribusiness community – our farmers, producers, food scientists, executives, government officials and staff, and leaders in all facets of our country’s agricultural enterprises.

The over 300-page Boundless Plains to Share book was launched in 2017 – it is a high quality compendium containing first-rate essays, articles and opinion pieces from the leading minds in Australian and international agribusiness, science, innovation, education and health.

With a foreword by The Honourable Barnaby Joyce, Australian Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, our distinguished list of authors includes: Major General Michael Jeffery, Australia’s first Advocate for Soil Health and the patron of the Boundless Plains to Share project; Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist; Kishore Mahbubani, renowned author and former President of the United Nations Security Council; John Brumby, former Premier of Victoria; leading scientists Professor Lindsay Falvey and Professor Göran Roos; historian Geoffrey Blainey; and award-winning author Don Watson, as well as a host of other leading names across the wider agribusiness, food and science industries.

You can read a free digital copy of the book simply by clicking here